Dwight School Seoul

Dwight School Seoul

With three other branches international located, Dwight School Seoul strives to create a rigorous and productive learning environment for its student body. Their professional faculty and staff educates their children from early childhood all the way to university counseling. Moreover, Dwight School Seoul is one of the few international schools in Seoul that is an established IB World School, and it is the first to be authorized for all three of its programs: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP).

Residency Program

It has also started providing a residency program for Dwight School Seoul students. It includes weekday residential boarding for students who want to avoid a difficult daily commute in addition to full-time residence. These options are open for students from living in and outside of Korea.

Cultural and Linguistic Exchange

Dwight School Seoul has a variety of programs to engage  students with and give them a window to discover the world in a way that intellectually challenges them. For example, Dwight School Seoul offers a semester abroad in Canada at their Shawnigan Lake campus, where students from over 38 nationalities gather, providing an opportunity for cultural and linguistic exchange.

After School Extracurriculars 

Additionally, the school offers extracurriculars like ceramic-making, singing, book readings, cooking, musical instrument instruction, robotics, chess, flower arrangement and etiquette sessions, language clubs, and other programs. Students can also join in a variety of athletic programs and clubs including things like boxing, table tennis, martial arts, speed stacking, soccer, gymnastics, yoga, and other sports.

Art Program

Stressing the importance of cross-cultural and individualized learning, Dwight School Seoul has an art program that provides its students with the opportunity to view art from around the globe and in different time periods. Students can learn about art, music, and other creative arts by plunging in and trying out new methods and established techniques. They keep track of their progress through journals, written tasks, and presentations that are designed to develop critical thinking skills. The Dwight School Seoul art program arranges for a variety of platforms with which to present their artwork including a film festival, a visual art exhibition, plays, and musical performances.

Contact Information

Tel: 02 6920 8799

Email: admissions@dwight.or.kr

Address: 21 Worldcupbuk-ro, 65-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Website: www.dwight.or.kr