Korea International School

Korea International School Mainly situated on the main Korean peninsula, Korea International School has three separate campus branches in Pangyo, Seoul, and Jeju for the convenience of their students and parents. Pangyo and Jeju campuses are both readily available for students from pre-kindergarten all the way up to the 12 grade. The Seoul campus focuses mainly on younger education, with students from pre-kindergarten to the 5th grade. KIS Pangyo Campus Korean International School, Pangyo campus is probably one of the most popular international schools for for students living in Korea as it provides educational services for almost any age group of your child including college counseling. KIS a rigorous and well-known academic program balanced with after school activities and a summer program. KIS focuses on skills like critical thinking, communicating effectively, utilizing information technology, and creatively thinking outside of the box. It is a skill set developed to match the North American curriculum and as a college preparatory school. Summer Program Students work hard during the academic year to advance these abilities, and they are further developed even outside of the classroom including during summer vacation. The summer program is an opportunity for students learn to find their passion, whether its coding and robotics or music composition, as they test themselves physically. KIS Athletics Program It is not only during vacation periods that students continue to hone their skills and develop academically and as individuals. All year round, KIS offers different athletic programs such as cross country, tennis, football, soccer, swimming, cheerleading, and more. Online Academic Resources KIS also proudly promotes its libraries for all its students and the different online resources it supplies. Students who are seeking help with their writing and grammar can use the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Research databases are available for papers, essays, and research projects. For a closer look at KIS, check out their welcome video here: Contact Information Tel: 031 789 0509 Email: kisinfo@kis.kr Address: 27, Daewangpangyo-ro, 385beon gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. Website: www.kis.or.kr