North London Collegiate School Jeju

North London Collegiate School Jeju Island

North London Collegiate School Jeju is one of the most prestigious schools within Korea. As a boarding school, NLCS Jeju offers an immersive educational environment that gives their students the opportunity to also hone their social skills and interact with a wide range of students from countries all across the globe. Students learn how to problem solve and live independently, preparing them for any future obstacle they may face.

Curriculum and Academic Qualifications

Students at NLCS Jeju have the opportunity to take the IGCSE qualification, which is currently taken in 157 countries around the world in addition to receiving an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma at the completion of their academic program at Senior School. NLCS Jeju offers a broad range of academic subjects grounded in the IB curriculum that engenders a sense of academic confidence in their students. Additionally, English is intensively taught and assistance in every linguistic area is provided in order for all students to have a strong grasp of the four key areas in language learning (speaking, writing, reading, and listening).

After School Activities

National London Collegiate School Jeju also provides after school activities for a well-rounded education and includes music lessons, athletics, singing, creative writing, public speaking, and volunteer work. In addition to creating a healthy sense of competition and a dedication to any activity started, NLCS Jeju’s after school activities give students the opportunity to interact with the wider community and learn to involve themselves in a way that complements their academic education.

If you’re interested in learning more about NLCS Jeju’s admission process for the upcoming year, check out this video they made outlining the steps you need to make for your child:


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